Activities in the daycare are back…

7th Jun 2021

We are so excited to be able to welcome story tellers and musicians in both daycares. The little kiwis are thrilled! We missed you!

Musical activities:

Liz, our favourite English-speaking musician came to Mûrs-Erigne and St Melaine with Bluette the guitare. She welcomed the children with the hello and names song. She encouraged the children to wake up Bluette (she was very tired for all her performances!). The children knocked on the floor and shouted “wake up”. As soon as she woke up, Bluette was ready to play for and with the children. The children would:”jump”, “dance”, “turn around”, “sit down”,  “stand up”, “clap their hands”, “touch their nose”, “move their hands”.

what a dance!
Dance around with Liz and the little kiwis

Liz and Bluette sang Thobby Thumb and the kids play with the Elephant and the mouse. Liz and bluette encouraged the kids to jump into the train and say good bye.

the train is leaving… and the little kiwis were singing!

The little kiwis enjoyed playing with the guitare after the activity. Thank you Liz. See you soon

the happy little kiwis dancing with Bluette and Liz

Story time at the daycare

In Mûrs-Erigné, Aïcha, professional story teller from Jean-Carmet Library came to tell stories to the little Kiwis. Because of the pandemic, we are not allowed to go to listen to Aïcha at the library so she came to us. Aïcha read some books from the library to the kids. They pay really good attention to the stories and it was a really great moment at the day care for our little kiwis. Thank you Aïcha, see you next time.

Story time!

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