Construction of the new day care

7th Jun 2018

Construction is on its way in Saint Melaine sur Aubance. We are already thinking of how we can organise the different area for the children. Inside there is a main room with a kitchen, a bathroom, and 3 bedrooms and on the first floor an office and a storage room.

The little kiwis and the staff will have about 126m square to live their day at the day care. We have already recruited our staff for St Melaine and we can’t wait to start.

We already have registration for the futur little kiwis but we still have room available. If you are interested please visit this page by clicking on the link.

You can call us or send us an email for more information.

A bientôt! L’équipe des Petits Kiwis.

Some pictures of the construction:

bedrooms corridor and bathroom



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