Our values


The aim for the “Petits Kiwis” early childhood care givers is the well-being of your child. Your child rhythm and needs will be respected from his arrival to his departure.

We would like to offer a bilingual environment with bilingual care givers. Some will speak English, some French depending on the schedule. Activities will be offered in both languages and guest can be invited during the day as story teller, musician, according to a schedule prepared by the care givers team.

Our team is strongly inspired by the principles and the practices of Emmi Pikler, Magda Gerber and Maria Montessori : “free movement”, “learning by doing” to offer children the opportunity to develop his independance in a safe and secure environment.

Our creche welcomes parents to propose some activities or time in the creche.

The creche will be a warm place where he/she will like to come to share and have fun with his/her friends and where professional care givers will take all the time he/she needs to grow and bloom.