Staff changes over the summer

26th Oct 2018

Some changes

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Laure, bilingual childcare assistant from February 2018, moved on to a new professionnal project this summer. She has been replaced by Nathalie. Welcome to the Mûrs-Erigné team Nathalie!

Nathalie is a former nanny trained to the Montessori pedagogy, she is very happy to join the Kiwis Team! She will speak in French to the children and the team. She will work Monday to Friday with Julie, our nurse, Caroline our bilingual childcare assistant, Adeline our Early Childhood educator and Sabrina our bilingual nursery nursing staff.

You can visualize the Mûrs-Erigné Little Kiwis Team by clicking on the link.

After the opening of the second day care in Saint Melaine sur Aubance, the Mûrs-Erigné team saw her schedule modified! Now Adeline, our Early Childhood educator works in Mûrs-Erigné & Saint Melaine sur Aubance. To replace her looking after the children in Mûrs-Erigné, we hired  Sabrina a bilingual nursery nursing staff from Mauritius, who worked as a bilingual nursery nursing staff in the Reunion island (next to Madagascar) in a day care where she spoke English all day long. She will be in Saint Melaine sur Aubance on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and in Murs-Erigné on Thursday and Friday.

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Our staff of early childhood education is composed with Adeline, our Early Childhood educator, Sabrina,  our bilingual nursery nursing staff & Adele, Kathleen and  Pauline our three childcare assistant.

Adele comes straight from UK where she used to teach young children, she crossed the sea to join the little Kiwis team.

Kathleen , with CAP petite enfance & many experiences in different daycares, joined us for the project of the opening of a new day care and uses her skills and experience with the Little kiwis team.

Pauline was a nanny for 6 years and wanted to join a team of professionnals. The bilingual project for the new day care convinced her to join the Little Kiwis team.

You can visualize the Saint Melaine sur Aubance Little Kiwis Team by clicking on the link.

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